Czech society is heading for violent conflict. It has been heading towards it for several years, step by step, gradually but surely. On the one hand, there is a genuine difference in interests, that is, membership of the European Union and our involvement in international structures is very beneficial for the upper approximately 5% and very disadvantageous for the vast majority of society. This must not be talked about, just as it must not be talked about on any really important matter.

In addition, we can see that the so-called café is radicalizing, ie urban intellectuals, corporate officials and professional non-profiters. They are increasingly attacking anyone who disagrees with them. They first called their opponents „fascists, Nazis, xenophobes, and Russian agents“, then they began to censor them, and in recent months there was a physical assault and ejection, and we can expect it to increase.

These anti-civilization activists can no longer stop. Any of them would show a moderate attitude, his comrades would turn against him. Thus, they radicalize each other and move society ever closer to a serious violent conflict. Mr. Hůle’s shameful actions fit into this logic.
Let’s stop for a while on the Roma question, nowadays half of the Roma live in excluded localities and only half of them are so-called integrated despite the fact that a large amount of money goes to the integration programs. Why is it so difficult to integrate this ethnic group? What would help?
The problem is not in the Roma or any other ethnic group. The problem is that the current programs perfectly achieve their goals. The fundamental goal is to create ever-new jobs for activists, the secondary goals being to allocate them larger budgets, and power over ordinary people. It’s going well. Roma were not in these programs, even marginally.

It would help to abolish the current nonprofits such as Romeo and People in Need, which are used hostage by the Roma. Instead, introduce clear rules and enforce them without compromise. This is well understood by the Roma.
Citizens of the Czech Republic are frightened by Russian and Chinese influence, so-called democratic bloc and “elites” of Senators Hilšer and Fišer, but we see mainly Brussels influence. Isn’t the search for an enemy in distant China just a cover-up so that we do not see those in Europe? What do you consider to be the greatest threat of the present?
I am afraid that anyone who speaks of the so-called Russian or Chinese threat is quite an ordinary fraud. If someone really believes that the Russians want to attack us, then they must support border protection, armaments, militia formation, independent territorial defense, military education in schools, and similar measures. Note, however, that they do not demand any of this, even prevent it. It is clear that the claim of the so-called Russian influence is only a transparent excuse for repression against the domestic population.

Indeed, it was confirmed by a major investigation in the US, where an independent commission spent $ 70 million, searched everything possible and impossible, and finally had to state that there was no indication that Russia would help Trump to be elected president. Significantly, the Czech public service media quite commonly censored this key information.

Dr. Hample, thank you for your comments on current events. Tomorrow we will continue and look forward to your observations again. Editors.

Miloš Říha thanks for the Interview.