I read the interview with the psychiatrist. I do not take his words lightly, because I have a similar argument – that the migrant in the camps do not take Islam seriously and radicalize them up to our rejection – heard from more competent people, especially ladies and ladies who „on the migration route“ without reflector lights and no connection to People in Need’s cynically panning nonprofit corporations. But I have heard from the same people about camp mafia, controlled, for example, by „Syrians“ from Nigeria, who, on the other hand, guard the harsh Islamization of their people. I note that the two information came from the same place and time. You don’t have to be a brilliant analytic brain to figure out that there are different people among migrants, ranging from victims who would prefer to leave the Islamic world behind to regular terrorists who sometimes show it and sometimes do not show it.

In such a situation, of course, the most logical solution is to choose among migrants – which I have already claimed as the representative of the IvČRN initiative (ie we do not want Islam in the Czech Republic) already in 2011-14, ie before the outbreak of the acute migration crisis. At the time, we said: Let’s let Europe’s Christians, secularists, atheists, and protect non-practicing Muslims. May the Mohammedans be taken care of by the Mohammedan countries.

But consider that the whole rhetoric of the media and political mainstream has been against such a move in the last 10 years. You must remember the slogans “sort waste, not people”, as well as Chancellor Merkel’s decision to accept Germany, I quote, “all”. When the rulers of Europe forbade the choice and forbidding the naming of the criterion that should apply to that choice, they must not be surprised by the natives of Europe that they do not want anyone. The utter fogging of the problem triggered immense human tragedies. Today, for example, Kurdish refugees who fought against radical Islamists in Syria are held in camps with the same radical Islamists and subjected to their bullying. European incompetence has manifested itself, for example, in the affair with „Iraqi Christians“, which some Christian foundation has recently invited us to translate into the media, one of the local Mohammedan mafiosos, known from the case of the abuse of his Czech polygamous wife. The services in question could not cope with the deislamization of Hana Humpalová (one of the kidnapped students in the “Hancca and Tonca” case), and would like to invite countless people here who do not know anything and who can simply lie?
Dr. Pöthe agrees with my informants that he refuses to address the Islamic beliefs of his migrant “clients” on the spot – and is afraid of their radicalization “here in Europe”. If we want to prevent such radicalization, we must, above all, destroy the infrastructure of Islamic expansion. To close the mosques (they have nothing to do in the secular country), to prosecute their educated superiors in Islamic countries (they are terrorists, as demonstrated by the prosecution of Prague Imam Shehadeh), to expel the Arab countries‘ amabasades (to finance terrorism). The spread and promotion of the Islamic sect is simply to be prosecuted by law, to prevent them from doing business, spreading propaganda, influencing greedy academics and naive youth. Only then can one think of helping those who were „innocent“ born in Islam and would like to leave him far behind.

Finally, both Pöthe and my informants refuse to see the full extent of the problem. If we take our arms outstretched „to have them in our eyes“, more and more will come. Africa and Southwest Asia are huge, a billion of people in total, hundreds of millions dream of a better life at the expense of naive Europeans. The inability to see the future suffering of the whole, due to being helpful to a few individuals, can be considered a sign of emotional instability. Which is a psychiatrist, in contrast to insured activists, a scrape of dread.

What is the current situation with radical Islam in Western Europe? Isn’t it any better?

And why should it get better? If you mean that the number of spectacular assassinations with hundreds of dead Bataclan or Nice types has fallen, they have decreased. On the other hand, no one knows exactly how much violence has been added, all those “temporarily insane” individuals with a knife, acid or machete. Robberies, rape and bodily harm are no longer reported in countries like Sweden – the police are too busy with murders and grenade explosions on the one hand, and prosecuting those who write and talk about murders and detonations on the other there are so many offenders and most of them that most of them get to regional newspapers. Nobody has the power to keep track of everything.

However, the fact that the number of big events has decreased and the number of small ones is growing, however, means that the state power is very versatile for the great players around the mosques. New colonists are transported to Germany by air and the government contributes to their „religious enjoyment“. Many British cities have Muslim leadership. Critics of Islam are being shut down, pro-Islamic indoctrination continues in schools. But the main thing is that states honestly pay jizya – a tax on the heads of unbelievers. Just called social benefits. We can all imagine that as long as the benefits (and other forms of contributions) flow into the accounts, the leaders of the mosques tame their sheep – occasional zealers with knives are just eager.

In this context, I would like to mention that I am not very clear about the concept of „radical Islam“. Ask any Imam to tell you that there is only one Islam, but it can use different means to grow. Just today (February 8, 2020) there is a report in Parliamentary Papers about a kind of „worthy“ Muslim who, at the initiative of MEP Zahradil, invited CEVRO Institute. The assuredly unhappy guy told our salon conservatives that Muslims „had always been the ruling class“ – and the audience applauded him. The fascination with power, caste, is so devastated in the so-called right-wing that anyone applauding the ruling class applauds – although it is clear from the context that listeners to the CEVRO Institute are not counted among future rulers. Perhaps, among the servants of those rulers, which is, due to the lack of nature of that Garden, surely better than serving the citizens of this country. Traditional Western right-wing parties have gradually subdued Islam through such a mechanism. So, in Western European Islam, there may have been fewer frenzies, but there have been more patient players suitable for this stage of undermining Europe.

Miloš Dvořák thanks for the interview