English Annex: Slovaks escaped to Prague during transport across the Czech Republic. Does it disrupt fraternal relations?

Martin Klus, state secretary (deputy) of the Slovak Foreign Ministry said it to journalists on Monday. Trot believes that this incident may jeopardize cooperation with the Czech Republic, which helps Slovakia to transport its citizens from abroad. He added that in connection with the case, the Slovak authorities asked for help from the Slovak and Czech police.

For example, the Czech Republic last week transported to Prague from the Canary Islands not only Czech citizens, but also Slovaks and Slovenes. According to Klus, Slovak diplomacy has helped to return 1,468 of its citizens so far. Most of them were transported to the country in an organized way, and it is in this case that the Slovaks must enter the mandatory quarantine at state facilities. According to Klus, this slows down the repatriation of people, because the authorities must first allocate appropriate accommodation capacities. Some Slovaks have already complained about the low quality of accommodation in quarantine centers, which did not meet their obvious expectations. Last week, Interior Minister Denisa Sakova said hundreds of Slovaks had not complied with the mandatory quarantine imposed by the authorities for some groups of citizens. The offenders face a fine for this.


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