From the Seven buildings of World Trade Center,3 were demolished,(as WTC1+WTC2+WTC7=10 (cabalistic “sepiroths”) and 4 buildings were added=8,new octave and cycle of life to come after 2025 and 2032/2033…


In May 2002,were sold last steel beams form the WTC buildings by jew Larry Silverstein,the well insured owner of the Twin Towers, sold to China and India on their skyscrapers,since this “path of enlightenment” was passed into the Far East, to re-start another cycle of life…In the same Year was proposed and introduced by jew Daniel Libeskind  9 planes to rebuild the 7 buildings of the WTC…

The “International Jew” and freemason, has burdened us with loads of NUMBERS of ASTRONOMICAL IMPORTANCE, I had to sorted out for the ignorrant masses to straight the record out, what had really happened on 9/11 and why! Unfortunately the Architect&Engineers Group for 911 Truth had focused only on the structural designs and controlled demolition records in their attempts to get the 911 attacks case to the legal courts, so far with little success…Perhaps,this will be their eyes opener…


The House of the Temple,home to the Supreme Council,33rd degree of the Scotish Rite is located at the 1733 16th Street , NW, Washington,D.C. (District of Crimminals), in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, 5,793 feet north of the White House. It has 33 outer columns, 33’feet high…It was designed by masonic architect , John Russell Pope on the model of the tomb(!) of Mausoleus Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world…On May,1911, 110(!) years after the founding of the Supreme Council, Grand Commander James D.Richardson broke ground under the Temple where it now stands and, Grand Master J.Claude Keiper laid the cornerstone in NE corner…

But the Scotish Rite Lodge No.115(near the then, Devil’s Pub-Tavern)was founded in London,UK,in 1733, registered place already by Scotish Rite masons in 1725 at this adress…And these english and scotish freemasons also helped to set up the French Grand Orient Lodge, both 300 years old in 2033…  [It was perhaps in their 33 twists of DNA and 33 vertebrae with 33 foot joints,before these jews stepped on that grounds]… And guess, who has selected for France its International dial phone code +33…11 numbers higher is +44UK…US has +1 and emergency/police number is 911, UK 999, 88 numbers higher…With freemasonic hand creating these number codes areas…From the Wailling Wall of Jerusalem to the Wall Street…Up to Trump Tower of 72 floors or his 118 roomed Palm Beach residence in Florida and his Oval office remade to another synagogue-Minha…


But most of the world important historical events occurred around the 33th parallel North of Equator.  22nd November of 1962, was the zionist ‘coup d’etat’ when JFK was murdered and the zionist cabal took over the US presidency, politics and redirrected the policies of the luni-solar Congress and Senat with the Red Republicans and Blue “Demon-rats” under Rothschild-Rockefeller tandem…Yet, the freemasons were at the foundation of the United States (now more “United Snakes”) with their pattern of Seven and Nine carried out on a murderous level of 7 presidents death, from it 4 assassinated in Office and 2 surviving assassination attempts,as if on the Codex Mendoza astronomical pattern. Every 20 years elected presidents from 1840 up to AD2000, In a period of 135-140 years. Some died in the Office due to ilness, some were murdered to fit this attern of Seven (and Nine):

1):1840   William H.Harrison,                 died allegedly on pneumonia

2):1860   Abraham Lincoln                      murdered by gunshot in theatre

3):1880   James A.Garfield                       murdered in the Office

4):1900   William McKinley                      murdered in the Office

5):1920   Warren G.Harding                     died under mysterious circumstances

6):1940   Franklin D.Roosevelt                died on brain stroke and bleeding

7):1960   John F.Kennedy                         muredered in Office,Dallas,Texas


8).1980    Ronald Reagan                         survived attempt of assassination

9):2000    George W.Bush Jr.                   survived attempt of assassination in Georgia


3 president murdered in row, and 4th later, as if copy of the 3 synoptic Gospels, plus that extra 1 Gospel of John, the Baptist… A pattern as from the Talmud and its Cabala, a path of death which doesn’t look like by chance or coincidence. Perhaps, a Devil’s plan carried out by the “hidden freemasonic hands of the death”…By Malachim Talmud=Messengers of Death with geamtria name value of 216, an important astronomical cycle number, seen in the moon Pyramid of Teotihuacan or,in the St.Peter’s basilica in Vatican,etc. A Devil’s plan carried out by freemasonic Al Kaida(135)…

Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in June 6th,1968 in Ambassador Hotel in L.A., close to the 33rd latitude, 1656 days after his brother, JFK, as if from the bishop Usher biblical chronology from Adam to the Deluge, 1656 years difference…

The Conspiracy Museum on the west bank of the Trinity River in Dallas, on the 110th Street, is filled up with astronomical numbers, with organ consisting of 5,124 pipes (1/5th of Great Lunar Year) playing beloved songs of Marilyn Monroe…

And here is more from that freemasonic affairs: Comparison of the Life and Deaths of Abe Lincoln and John Kennedy:


Abe Lincoln was elected into the Congress in 1846 and as president in 1860. JFK in 1946 and 1960.

Both wanted better human rights and freedoms. Wives of both of them while in the White House Office, miscarried. Both were killed by shot into the head, on a Friday. Both were killed by Southeners, and both replaced by Southeners, named Johnson.

President Lincoln’s secretary was Kennedy, and JFK secretary was Lincoln. Andrew Johnson replaced president Lincoln and, Lyndon Johnson replaced John Kennedy.

John Wilkes Booth , born in 1839, was the jewish murderer of Abraham Lincoln.

Lee Harvey Oswald, born in 1939, was the jewish “declared”murderer of John F.Kennedy.

Both were known by their 3 names and jewish origins.



Both murderers were killed before their (court) trials. The names of both, consisted of 15 letters. President Abe Lincoln was killed in a theatre and the killer went hiding in a warehouse. President Kennedy was allegedly murdered from a warehouse (book depository) and his alleged killer went to hide in a theatre/cinema.

One week before murder, Abe Lincoln was in a town,Monroe, Maryland. And JFK was allegedly before his death with Marilyn Monroe…

Perhaps, murders not by a chance, but well preplanned freemasonic actions…The freemasons are from the “elite of untouchible”… One who messes up with them, ends up usually dead, seldom alive…

Was the freemasonic “secret” hands in organizing the modern Olympic Games? You be the “judge” in this case as in many other set up records.


Modern Summer and Winter Olympic Games  records


The First modern Olympic Games of Athens 1896, had participants from 13 countries compiting  in 9 sport disciplines (13×9). London was awarded by the Summer Games for the 3rd time in 2012 (ZION logo), after 116/117 years… Three(3) games weren’t  carried out due to the World Wars.

The Winter Olympic games started after 7 games (and in the period of the 8th Olympic Games in Paris Summer Games of 1924), and the very 1st Summer Olympic Games, 28 years after it, in Chamonix, France, in 1924. Chamonix is the opposite name of the Phoenix, associated with the lunar, and the next, with solar…[In the bible is mentioned a measure of Choenix]…The Winter Olympic Games regular cycle was interrupted in 1992 Albertville Games followed by 1994 Lilehammer Games, transferred into a between period of usual 4 years periods. This occurred after 69/70 year cycle, with 20 years later Winter Games of 2014, in Sochi, Russia, reminding me the “Flower City” of Maya small “golden age” of enlightenment in their Xochicalco,Valley of Cuernavaca, the valley of Horn of Cow.

One Hebrew astronomical  legend tells us that Horn is symbol of power and wealth. Modern Israel is located in the Right horn of the Cow or Bull HEAD shaped Sinai peninsula(El Tur at its bottom part),with the Horn above Moab/Egypt being broken off, but seen in the Valley of Mexica, in the Valley of Cuernavaca=Horn of Cow…We know that Milky Way was also seen as a Cow…And the Sinai peninsula between the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba (of Cube), also symbolise the Milky Way Mesopotamia=Dark Rift=Pradise/Eden in the East, also known as the biblical Havilah/Heaven…

The Summer Olympic Games number 6,12 and 13 didn’t take place due to World Wars. So the 5th and 6th Winter Olympic Games…(31+11=42 and 6x12x13=936)!


Summer Olympic Games                                             Winter Olympic Games

1.  1896  Athens

2.  1900  Paris

3.  1904  Saint Louis

4.  1908  London

5.  1912  Stockholm


6.   1920  Antwerps

7.  1924  Paris                                                                1.  1924  Chamonix

8.  1928  Amsterdam                                                      2.  1928  Sankt Moritz

9.  1932  Los Angeles                                                    3.  1932  Lake Placid

10.1936  Berlin                                                              4.  1936  Garmisch-Paterkirchen

11.1948  London                                                            5.  1948  Sankt Moritz

12.1952  Helsinki                                                           6. 1952  Oslo

13.1956  Melbourne                                                       7.  1956  Cortina d’Ampezzo

14.1960  Rome                                                               8.  1960  Squav Valley

15.1964  Tokyo                                                               9.  1964 Innsbruck

16.1968  Mexico City                                                   10.  1968 Grenoble

17.1972  Munich                                                           11.  1972  Sapporo

18.1976  Montreal                                                         12.  1976  Innsbruck

19.1980  Moscow (boycotted by the West)                   13.  1980  Lake Placid

20.1984  L.A.       (boycotted by the East)                    14.  1984  Sarajevo

21.1988  Soul                                                                15.  1988  Calgary

22.1992  Barcelona                                                       16.  1992  Albertville

23.1996  Atlanta                                                                 17.  1994  Lilehammer

24.2000  Sydney                                                                 18.  1998 Nagano

25.2004  Athens                                                                  19.  2002  Salt Lake City

26.2008  Beijing                                                                  20. 2006  Torino

27.2012  London                                                                 21.  2010  Vancouver

28.2016  Rio de Janeiro                                                      22.  2014  Sochi

29.2020  “Tokyo” cancelled for Coronavirus?                   23.  2018   Peyongchang

30.2024   awarded to Paris                                                 24.  2022  awarded to Beijing

31.2028   awarded to los Angeles                                       25.  2026  Milan & Cortina d’Ampezzo

32.2032  Soul(Pyongyang) bidding                                     26.  2030  Sapporo/Barcelona/Salt Lake

bidding,but 99% it will be

rewarded to Salt Lake City…


In 2032/2033 All Souls Day/Halloween ???    Salt Lake City symbolise the “salty” yonic lake in Milky Way…It is in Utah of the Ute, solar Native “Indian” people, the symbol of Hathor’s (Ha-thor) temple in Denderah, U-shaped lake with T-tav shaped temple imbedded unto the U-shaped lake! It is the symbol of the musical new octave, starting as Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si-(Do, sometimes instead of the Ut)…The solar, ityphallic in the lunar, yonic! Later to the musical octave…Abot the Mormon Temple and religion, in later passages…


In this Olympic Games record, notice the boycott of Moscow Games after 84 years of the existence of the Games, by the Blue West then, from Athens 1896, in 1980.  And L. A. boycot   of 1984, 84 years in the 20th century by the then Red East (except Romania), using the Judmenet number of 84… There is planned total of 32 Summer Olympic Games, the ‘Last One’ in 2032, in the tandem bidding cities of Soul/Pyongyang, when the human souls” may go to the yang=female stargate” excluded also for the male “pyong” as all “Souls Day”…With the last, 26th Games most likely awarded to be to Salt Lake City of the “Later Day Saints ascending souls to that salty lake of our rebirth/resurrection”…

Three Summer Games were cancelled due to the Wars, and Two Winter Games, (3+2)…Paris to Paris games was 24 year period, and now to 2024, it is from 1924, 100 year cycle, and from Paris 1900, 124 year period. Athens 1896 to Athens 2004 it is nice astronomical cycle of 108 years. From London 1908 to London 1948 was 40 years period, and to London 2012 was 64 years(8×8) and to London 1908 nice 104 lunar years cycle…From L.A.1932 to L.A. 1984 it was 52 year cycle for the “angels”and to the L.A.2028, it is 44 years and also, 96 year cycle to L.A. 1932.  And the same can be done between the Winter Olympic Games and cities cycle of years research. Including the countries, how many times rewarded by Summer and Winter Olympic Games, separately and together.

Interesting were also the low level Summer Games of Athens 2004, with its mascots, the Red god Phevos of “light and enlightenment”; and,the Blue Athena,the lunar goddess of wisdom,bows and arows and of wars…The Greeks were shocked to learn that in their Athens 2004 logo wasn’t their famous goddess of victory-Nike!!!(Interestingly,the Beijing Games of 8.8.2008. had total of 5 mascots,with number 8 as the sacred number to China,the Chung-kuo=Empire of the centre,between the numbers of 7&9)…”Citius-Altius-Fortius=6x6x7 letters=252,as Faster,Higher and Stronger” olympic slogan.
The ancient Olympic Games

Allegedly started in 776 BC, lasting nice lunar cycle of 1170 years to 393 AD…The old antic Games had usually 9 judges-arbitrators, called as Hellanodics. The Olive wreath from Dios’ orchard awarded to the winners, also known as Kottinos, from the tree o Kallistefanos (Kali-heat, fire) consisting of 17 leafs and 7 buds (17×7=119 “Psalm”) Modern Is-Ra-el has 119 members of Knesset, with 120th place vacant for their “Messiah”(Antichrist). The biggest holiday in Athens was dedicated to Athena.  At the 3rd year of the Games was holiday known as Panathinaikos celebrated in July and lasting from 6 to 9 days, and during the Games,peace was generally declared by all sides.

Olympia is located in the confluence(Mesopotamia) of the rivers of Alfeios and Kladeios,and to her Olympic satdium,Hierodromos,led 117 bridges from Argo burrow… The squared and sacred burrow Altis was located south on the Kronos Hill or Mountain downhill (Kronos was the god of Time and Chronicles), and to the squared Altis led 5 gates. On the main clearance was fountain with ideal centre location for the altar of Dio-god with stone-ityphallic omphallos,marker. From here was gorgeous view on the Western  Olympia,  where is the tomb of king Pellop (Pe is symbol of the “mouth” in Milky Way), who was co-founder of the ancient Olympic Games in Olympia with Heracles ! In the year of 528 BC  was Pellop’s tomb renowated from the ‘Circular shape to Pentagonal’! (Note the Brussel’s, EU main square, Grootenmarkt/Grotto market, being Pentagonal). On the Southeast side of the Dio’s Temple stands the statue of winged goddess Nike on triangular base, 9 meters tall!

The Winner of classical Games had allowed to kill, by an arrow to kill up to 13 young men as an award, what done a certain Oinomaos, according the Olympia classical period records. He stacked 13 stabbed heads on arrows in front of his palace as a Winner of the Games…During the classical Games was usually 5 days armistice.

The modern Olympic Games were revived by French freemason and admirer of sport, Baron , Pierre de Coubertin,  Charles Pierre de Fredy, Baron de Coubertin. He became the 2nd president of the Olympic Committee…He was educated by the Jesuits…He was  inspired by the visit to England at its Rugby School and by its physical sport educator,Thomas Arnold.



The NASA Mercury-Gemini-Apollo and Apollo-Soyuz Projects

Mercury missions


Before Gemini, NASA had limited experience in space.But before people could land on the Moon, NASA had to learn many things. Merury project put the first American astronauts in space. It was named after the Roman god who was very fast. In the 6 flights,2 used Redstone rockets and 4,Atlas rockets.First 2 come to space and back down.The other 4 went up and circled the Earth. NASA selected 7 astronauts for Mercury project. Alan Shepard made the first Mercury flight. His capsule was named Freedom 7. Years later, Alan Shepard walked on the Moon as comander of Apollo 14 mission.  Each astronaut named his spacecraft(capsule), all had to use number 7. Gus Grissom was the 2nd astronaut with his Liberty Bell 7. The 3rd was John Glenn,and in 1962,he was the first American to orbit Earth, aboard Friendship 7.  The 2nd astronaut orbitting Earth was Scott Carpenter on Aurora 7.  Wally Shirra made the 5th Mercury flight on Sigma 7. Gordon Cooper flew the 6th mission on in Faith 7 capsule. Astronaut Deke Slayton was also selected to the Seven astronauts,a health problems stopped him from flying a Mercury mission. But later he flew into space in 1975 in the Apollo-Soyuz “union”project… To make sure, all missions of Mercury were safe, they used empty capsules and later with test monkeys aboard…Safely returning. The number 7 tells us all in this regard of research…

Gemini missions

Gemini missions consisted of 19 launches in total,2 initial uncrewed test missions, 7 target vehicles, and 10 crewed missions, each of which carried 2 astronauts to Earth orbit. Designed as a bridge between the Mercury and Apollo programs, Gemini program tested equipment and mission procedures, training astronauts and ground crews  for future Apollo missions…


Apollo missions


Apollo missions had 6 astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Alan Shepard, Michael Collins and Gus Grissom. This Apollo program had logo of Earth and Moon, joined by A- letter in between both,with 3 stars of the Belt of Orion and 3 stars of the Swan constellation making the A-bar in the A letter in the middle. There were 6 missions to the Moon, successful: 11,12,14,15,16,17.(=85)…Apollo 7 & 9 were Earth orbitting missions to test the Command and Lunar modules.The earlier Apollo mision lost Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, dying on a launch pad accident. Apollo 13 was the 7th, and unsuccessful mision to the Moon…Perhaps, deliberately selected to be unsuccesfull by the Freemasonic NASA chiefs… The culmination of the entire Apollo program was in the male sung Apollo “union” in the heavens with the female capsule of Soyuz, with the solar Eagle module landing on the lunar Moon, a dual masonic event. The Apollo 11 landed on the Moon on 20th July 1969, the Egyptian Sirius based New Year, on the 135th minute after GMT/UTC of that day, when masonic rituals were performed by Neil Armstrong and others…

There are the Stellar, Solar and Lunar cults…The Pyramid is for the Stellar cult. The Golden Eagle is the Solar cult. The Eagle is the symbol of America  because it signifies the constellation in Scorpio, Aquila. Scorpio is the sign of power, money and wealth, as well as secret knowledge.(Similar as the Horn of Cow and Bull). The US elections are held right in the middle of Scorpio  and the birthday of America as in the Scorpionic decanate of Cancer. There are 13 months in the Lunar year. The number 13 is in the bible a number of Rebellion against God, and in America also considered as unlucky number ,especially Friday, the 13th/horror stories/ without 13th Streets and Floors in skyscrapers. The number 13 is associated with the foundation of the US, and with the 1$ Bill symbols. Number 13 is also associated with the 13 Tribes of Israel, much used number with the Israelites and other Semitic tribes and nations. Also the Green color is associated with solar cult, and the Statue of Liberty is green, due to the metal oxidizing it is made from copper.

There are 13:

1. letters in Annuit Coeptis  2.letters in E Pluribus Unum  3.  stars in Magen David  4. steps on the Pyramid  5.  vertical bars on the shield  6.  horizontal stripes at the top of the shield  7.  leaves on the olive branch   8.  arrows   9.  fruits

9 x 13 (=117, the basic soli-lunar calendars number)


Number 13 in the biblical meaning and association with Devil/Satan: Most people knows the incident where God commanded Moses to make a brazen serpent and hang it on a pole that all who would come and look upon it would live. But why God did choose a serpent, as the very symbol of sin?    God was making a picture or type, of a stupendous event that was to take a place hundreds of years later.   “As Moses lifted up the serpent so must the Son of Man be lifted up”(John 3:14). Why a serpent?  “For He (God) has made Him(Christ) to be SIN for us (He) who knew no sin; that we may be made the righteosness of God in Him.” (2 Corinthians 5:21). So, when Jesus hung upon the Cross He was made the extreme(!) representation of SIN. This  of course is why God withdrew His presence.(Mark 15:34).   Keeping this in mind , let us see another biblical scene: Pilate and the trial of Jesus.  Who can read the account and fail to see God convincing Pilate, and he tried his hardest to persuade the Jews to release Jesus.  Even Pilate’s wife came and warned him.  However, Pilat finally yielded to Satan(119 gematria), and washed his hands before them. But water cannot wash away sin. Pilate’s conscience still carried conviction, and God moved Pilate to write an inscription and place it upon the Cross. The name he used was: Iesus Nazarene Rex Iudareoum (INRI-gematria value 270).  But the  significance of the whole thing almost takes one’s breath when we discover that the gematria of this title which was placed on the very Cross(2 Corinthians 5:21) when Jesus was made SIN for us , is exactly 2,197+ 13x13x13. The whole thing is so astounding it needs no comment; it seems that God, knowing the hardness of men’s hearts in these closing days, has reserved these marvellous numerics so that the fundamental  truths of the Written Word may be set forth in this supernatural way, as a final warning before the closing of the day of grace, and the coming of the Lord. (In 2033)…

Called “the Devil and Satan” and the value of the letter phrases reveals this:

Dragon = 975       75 x13

Tempter = 1,053   81 x13

Belial = 78             6  x13

Murderer=1,820  140 x13

Serpent = 780       60 x 13

This was the reason why He took also the SINS of the Jews who serve to the Devil/Satan to the Last Day! And do not want to change their sinful, murderous deeds ,because the Devil/Satan is their father, the murderer and liar!  Therefore, Jesus also in Matthew 12:34: “ You brood of vipers ,how can you who are evil say anything good?” And in 12:34: “ You belong  to your father the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.”

“But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the Day of Judgement For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”( Matthew 12:36-37).

I know thy works, and tribulation, and powerty(but thou art rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan.”(Revelation 2:9)

“Behold,I will make them of the synagogue of satan, which say they are Jews ,and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I had loved thee.” ( Revelation 3:9).

And we see their satnic deeds over and over again, from the crucifixion time to this day, conspiring against God ,peoples and individuals who oppose them and critisise their deeds and lies!  Because of their SINS, they were kicked out by Will of God, of the ancient Israel and their synagogue of satan (Temple) destroyed in 70AD by the Romans… And after WW2 the Ash claiming to be Nazis came back as terrorists (Irgun, Stern, Haganah) by the ‘will of satan’ (not by the Will of God as some zionist “kosher” preachers lie in the American churches-turned into synagogues of satan), and for this purpose shall be false, impostor, Chaganate of Is-Ra-Hell destroyed ,including their Dragon city of Jeru-shalim!!!  And the zionist jews feels it , fears it and knows it, and are so active to the ‘ final day’!  The doctrines of the bible agrees with the NUMBERS and satan(119) with their Knesset satan’s agent, until Satan takes the 120th vacant place as their father and messiah !!! With their lies came strong efforts to censore and shut up anyone who say the truth like this about them! And with our money and their usury, they corrupted the whole Western and former Communist world! Sodomy settled in with “72” genders and paedophilia becomed legal activity amongst the highest “elite” with sacrified children! A typical ‘International Jew’ as described almost 100 years ago industrialist, jew himself, Henry Ford, the car maker with his famous model – T, of 1908-1927 (19 years). There were model from A trough N,S,U to T…Perhasps letters to create  the name of the god of the zionist jews.    The zionist jews hauling us on their Mt. Zion with gematria value of Zion=120, their “messiah”- Satan and “Jew World Order” with the, ruling over the “goyim”and entire world…It is their dream comes trough if they approach their Feast of Tabernacles discribed in their Babylonian Talmud. They are the true Malachim Talmud-Messengers of Death!



Washington,D.C.-the True District of Crimminals


A SQUARED TWIN CITY with Alexandria,VA, a city built by the freemasons with loads of freemasonic symbols. The seat of the luni-solar Congress and Senat of 540 members which lost touch with the common people of America. They are just freemasonic asset and symbol to finish their Devil Plan, just like the White House with its yonic Ovall Office. In the ground plan view, the White House resembles a ‘Yoke’, and politically it is yoked to the zionists and freemasons. Some say, that the United States and United Kingdom are biblical Ephraim and Manasseh, sons of Joseph(Egypt), Ephraim being the younger, who picked up the expired liberties of Manasseh(UK) and carry the torch of their ‘Atlantic Alliance’… Both are heavily “judaised” countries with jewish “elite” ruling over the faceless crowds of “goyim” for many decades. Many American ‘Patriots’ claim that the United States is Corporation and a ‘Crown Colony’ still subjugated to the ‘Queen of Great Britain’ with ‘reptilian’ genetics. Her ‘sacred bird’ is the swan, for in her freemasonic membership and rituals, she symbolises the “queen of heaven”(Milky Way-the Dragon&Serpent). And Ephraim is described in the bible as a BULL, chasing nations to all corners of the world, what the US realy does for many decades and until the ‘end of its existence’ with Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033, when perhaps the 2nd Bankruptcy put it into its knees, after the usurious ‘Petrodollar’ of Bretton-Woods goes worthless as a toilet paper…  The constellation of Bull(Taurus) has total of 141 stars, allegedly symbolised by their ‘galactic’ flag of 9 rows x 11 columns of stars=99, plus 6×7 stripes=42,and 99+42=141 stars in the Taurus,the Bull constellation…


But the more accurate records are in the freemasonic Washington, D.C.  SOLSTICES street layouts, beside the masonic Campus,Square,Triangle and Pentagram…The so called ‘Campus’ has duall meaning ,and it also resemble the MUAN-owl of the Maya Dresden Codex, emerging from the flipped over Jar/Pot of the Maya “Umma el Kabah=Mother of all Jars/Pots”,the ‘Old Lady-Meri-yam’(Milky Way). The head of this Owl is around the T-shaped Capitol Hill building with ‘plumes’ appearing as “ears” of the owl…The “right” or northern leg-Pennsylvania Avenue, leads 5,793 meters to the White House, and the “left” or southern leg-Virginia Avenue, leads in the ‘Underworld’ (tunnels) toward the Jefferson Memorial. It is 5,920 meters long road in tunnels, symbolizing the ‘Underworld’(Sokar=SQR of god Aker in Saqqara,Egypt). The T-tav shaped Capitol Hill freemasonic building, is crossed in 15*28’ arc degrees from NE toward SW, the Trident (Aquarian Age) shaped Union Station (above trains,below subway) toward the SE as DelaWARe Avenue, the WAR street…It appears almost in 90* arc degrees toward the Pennsylvania Avenue, aligned 19*48 arc degrees from West to North, beginning at the Capitol Hll toward the White House,as Summer SOLSTICE sunset! The Trident shaped Union Station (male+female Union of 69) and DealaWARe Avenue in the angle-slope of 15*28’ arc degrees NE-SW, is the Winter SOLSTICE sunrise, the two most important markers of the Great Year(Anno Magnus), we can see in numerous layouts on a global scale! [Way of Dead,Teotihuacan; Processional “sacred way” from Kukulkan pyramid to the Sacred and Sacrificial Well in Chichen Itza; the Stonehenge Avenue with its arrow; Bethlehem-Jerusalem ley; and Beer’sheba-Nazareth; plus White House-Pentagon; just few examples]. The Great Year starting by the Aquarian and Potter’s Age of DjoSeR…[Not by Harry Potter]…Where Pennsylvania Avenue alignment is the sunset of Summer solstice path, toward the Pacific NW, Seattle as the symbol of it…19*48’ arc degrees from the true West, toward the North, so the people get confused and not noticing it, was the freemasonic idea… And in the Washington Mall are other two obelisk marking the 3 stars of Belt of Orion and 3 stars in the constellation of Swan,the Northern Cross… Plus, one can easily see also the Three T-tavs in this ‘District of Crimminals’ and freemasons,most of whom are staunch zionists!



The Protestant Bible Records of the Solstices


To this day, most of the American “goyim” populace argue, if the “Founding Fathers” of the US, and its Constitution with Bill of Rights, were Christians or Freemasons…I don’t see any difference between both, because the Freemasons usurped economic control of the “goyim” populace and the Religious Lodges was left to take care of the “spiritual needs of the goyim” populace. That’s how the secular state functions in division of the State and Church…But they go hand in hand in usury and exploitation, plus control of the easily manipulative masses of “goyim”…

There is no time to deal with the lection of books into the bible compacts, where and by whom…For our record is enough what is out there for the unsuspecting populace of religious sheeps who cannot think for themselves and must follow others, where “blind leads the blind” proverb…

We are already fimiliar with the bibles of 84 books in total, except the Coptic one with 81 books to match up the Swan constellation amount of stars.

Each bible is set up to fit the sky record above, the Orthodox in Near East, the Catholic in East and Central Europe, and the Protestant, mainly over the Western Hemisphere.

The Protestant bible has two Testaments and is dual in many ways, often many verses repeated from the Old Testament in the New Testament.

The entire Protestant bible has 66 books ,39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. (39×27=1,053, an important masonic and astronomical number). The Old Testament has 928 chapters and the New Testament has 260 chapters. The whole bible has 1188 chapters , a number we already met .  The most important books of the Old Testament are the 5 books of Moses, also known as the Pentateuch, consisting of 5,852 verses. The most important books of the New Testament are the 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, with total of 3,778 verses, but it can be disputed due the various end of the Gospel of Mark.( Both symbolise the ancient Ennead, 9. And the Pentagon+Square in masonic architecture, or even the NECRO/ACROpolises of the Nile river, but also of our Dual world of Heaven and Earth).


When we realise that in the ancient world was often used the arc minutes as the “prophetic years”, here is a “secret” formula to unlock the meaning of the Protestant bible, given mostly to the Western world and Western Hemisphere.

928 chapters as 928’ arc minutes equals to 15*28 arc degrees, the Summer solstice sunrise arc degrees angle-slope, NE-SW…And the 260 chapters as 260’ arc minutes equals to the sun declination within the Great Year cycle from one extremity to the other, meaning in reality,the Earth axis of rotation. It is also 4*20’ arc degrees.

Together, 15*28’ + 4*20’=19*48’ arc degrees of the Summer solstice sunset, North of true West , as seen in the layout of Pennsylvania Avenue. (The 16th Street, or Capitol Street is the marker of true North, and there are also opposites to the solstices, after the Shift of the poles, toward the Underworld).

The 1611 King James Version is famous for its Red Verses, and the amount of them, is 1948 Red verses, as dual confirmation the the Sunset at Summer solstice , as the end of the Great Year! The Red verses are as dirrect speech of Christ,in 6 books of the New Testament!

Furthemore, the 1611 KJ Version ,published by the Cambridge University Press,UK, are not only masonic bibles,but also contain a Precessional CODES, on a carefuly selected pages,always right sides pages, under the religious texts, a such codes as A,B,C,D and so on up to X,Y, and Aa,Bb,Cc, and so on with others, as we shall see in the following record. On the page 339, at the end of the bible and end of the New Testament is an additional, 70th code: “ 20J74” which was identified by me in the following manners. The Pentateuch verses, 5,852-minus 3,778 verses of the 4 Gospels equals to 2074, as the other possible date of Creator for the New Creation at that time frame…Because this number is also seen in the Great Sphinx, 20 meters high x 74 meters long (and 6 meters wide to give 8,880, Christ nuber), as 1480=Christos in Greek gematria x 6=8,880. It also matches the Maya Dresden Codes, the most important pages ,being the 20th and 74th(last page)! Furthermore, this number was also used by the freemasonic funeral of the pope, John Paul II(polish jew,Karol Wojtyla, whose mother was jewess,Wanda Katz from Wadowice), when was present at his funeral 5 quuens of the world with 4 kings(=20) and 73 statesmen+dead Pope=74! Then, 117 cardinals under the age of 80, selected “Paparatzi”-Ratzinger, german jew with Hitlerjugend ties in his youth…117×80=9,360, half cycle of the lunar 18,720 days in Maya Tzolkin! Papa Ratzinger still alive, after retiring as “emeritus pope” who was also nicked as “God’s Rotweiller”! Pope John Paul II was declared as 33rd Saint  pope by Vatican.

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